Window Film Protection for Outdoor Glass

Is your glass protected?

Guard your property from vandalism!


Are you a business owner with glass doors, elevators, outdoor signage, fixtures and unique assets such as kiosks, trucks, and booths?

Protection for public surfaces

Do you work with a municipal organization or outdoor advertising agency that utilizes bus transit shelters and signage? If yes, you have probably experienced some degree of vandalism or graffiti at certain times…which can be costly and time consuming to fix, not to mention impacting your company or brand’s appearance. We have a solution for you!

Any smooth surface exposed to public vandalism and everyday wear and tear can be easily and inexpensively protected by Graffitigard. Similar in construction to a safety film product, Graffitigard is a clear removable protective film, engineered to protect surfaces from spray paints, gouging and scratching.

GraffitigardTM has been put to work protecting glass doors, elevators, transit shelters, bus windows and information kiosks. Once installed, it acts as an invisible barrier between your valuable property and malicious vandals. After the incident you don't have to worry about costly clean-up because GraffitigardTM can be easily removed and a new piece can be quickly installed. Protect your property from a vandals next target with GraffitigardTM!

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