Residential Window Film

Solar Guard residential window film is the perfect solution for your home windows.

The benefits are many, as are the savings!


Every morning that the sun comes up, you may be happy about it, but your home will not!

There is a solution…
Solargard window film!

Tri-city Solar Solutions’ commercial quality residential window films provide a simple solution to many of the complex problems incurred by unprotected windows, offering these invaluable benefits:

Rejects up to 82% of the sun's heat,
lowering your electric bill
Reduces “Hot Spots” and annoying glare. Evens out the temperatures throughout your home
In winter, helps insulate glass to
retain heat
Variety of colours and shades to complement your décor
Provides a degree of shatter resistance to increase safety
Provides a degree of shatter resistance to increase safety
Strong, factory-backed warranty

Residential Solar Control Products

Designed to offer the best experience in terms of comfort, energy savings, and aesthetics. Solar Control films are customized to meet your needs.

Here’s what you need to know…

Your furnishings and flooring will fade from harmful UV rays
Your air conditioning works harder and hydro bills will increase
“Hot Spots” develop which make living spaces uncomfortable
You will experience a bright and distracting glaze

Protect your investments


Interior designers, decorators, and homeowners have found specialty films to be an effective medium for window enhancement. These films are also known as decorative films, graphic films, designer films, colour graphic films, and frosted films. These films can mimic acid-etched or sandblasted glass.

Keeping Its Appearance

DecogardTM is a unique series of designer films, which can come in several floral and decorator patterns. These films are applied to interior or exterior glass windows and doors, similar to conventional window film. With the installation of DecogardTM specialty films, you can add privacy to glass office partitions, sun porches and bathrooms, without blocking light. DecogardTM is a unique way to enhance your home or office.

All DecogardTM films are treated with a durable scratch resistant coating that helps prevent scratches, scrapes and other blemishes that could tarnish the appearance of the film. A durable mounting adhesive insures performance year after year.

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